Fuel up the Phone

Manufacturers all around the globe have accessed the technicality involved at work places due to availability of only a few power sockets in comparison to its requirement. These manufacturers have successfully developed a work tool that provides solution to this work problems.

Power solution

An ideal workplace personal power solution is introduced into the market with the features that enable the user to connect and charge their laptop, charger and laptop at the same time. The Elsafe Pixel and Pixel TUF are perfect for office desks. They are small round devices and do not require much space. The use of this work tool also relieves you from the inconvenience of detaching tangled wires or cables that is a common issue due to the use of connectors with 4000 plus insertions.


The TUF is comprised of IDR (Intelligent Device Recognition) and delivers 5A output across two USB ports. The IDR features enables the TUF to ‘communicate’ with the charging device and provide an optimum charging rate. It charges the devices faster than the devices’ own charger. It charges up to 5 times faster than your standard PC USB port. These features indicate that the traditional charging devices may be replaced by this work tool in the coming years and everyone may have a personal power station to charge their phones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices.

Work tool Installation

The TUF can be fixed into several places including the desktops and even sofas. It only requires a standard 80 mm grommet hole. The installation of this work tool is easy and provides an ideal power station for offices. It is useful to have a power station of your own than to wait for your turn to charge your devices on the power socket.